Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Nice Weather, please stay. Thanks.

Today and yesterday was lovely.

The weather forecast says that it will not, however, stay this way. Why couldn't it be this beautiful for next weekend, Easter? Oh well, as long as it is not raining I will be okay with it. I am excited for the family gathering and the big egg hunt....for Harper that is. Yes, excited for Harper not I. Okay, maybe just a little for me too:)

Good news: Harper is off the bottle! Yay. He's actually been off of it since a week before our anniversary trip but I neglected to share the news. I am very grateful though. I just rock and giggle and play with him in my arms a little then lay him down --awake-- and he talks and plays in his crib then goes down all by himself, no crying! Its so funny listening to him on the monitor. I sure love that little guy:)

I will be flying back to Oklahoma the 21st-3rd. I am excited to see my family and have Harper spend some time with them too, but I am dreading the flying part. It was much easier when he was not mobile and he didn't throw fits to get his way and when all I had to do was pop a boob in his mouth to quiet him. Oh how I miss the instant peace of those times *sigh* How are we going to get through that long flight in such tight quarters? Oy! But I bet it will be much easier because that seems to be the trend with me lately. I get so worried/anxious about doing something beforehand and then it turns out to not be that big of a deal afterall ie. weaning from nursing, and then the whole bottle thing... Ya, those =not so big of deals.

I am hoping that the Oklahoma weather is nice. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the sun? Well I really really do!

So Lance and I just saw the movie Taken on Friday and it was VERY good. But I am a suspense thriller movie kind of gal. My mom said she thought it was upsetting that she even had nightmares the night she saw it. If you are a gentle, sensitive soul like her, maybe you wouldn't like it either. There are some violent scenes. It was just the kind of thrill I needed that day. Very intense movie. I am a huge fan of Liam Neilson sp? We didn't find out that was him till the end though lol. We were denying it the whole movie and then whattayaknow?

I am at the office=no pics. Sorry. But next blog entry. Promise:)